Request a Proclamation

Help us make X and Y Chromosome Awareness month a nationwide event!
You can do this by requesting a proclamation from your Governor or Mayor. The requesting process is slightly different for each state, but here are some basic guidelines to help you submit a request to your local governor’s office.
In most cases, these are the basic steps:
1. Start the process AT LEAST a month before (if not sooner)
2. Locate the appropriate state or city government website (a simple search should do)
3. Look for anything that might say “Mayor’s page” “Governor’s page” “forms” “ceremonial” or “proclamation”
4. If you still cannot find how to contact someone about a proclamation from the above suggestions, then try going to a “contact” page and asking a simple question about proclamations, for example: How can I ask the governor to issue a proclamation declaring May 2011 X and Y Chromosomal Variation Awareness Month?
5. An employee should get back to you with forms to fill out; often these can be done via e-mail. Be sure to fill out the forms and return them
6. Follow up with a phone call to make sure your request was received.

**The process for different states and cities may vary slightly.**

The information below should help you answer some of questions you might be presented with on any forms. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

Title of Proclamation: X&Y Chromosomal Variation Awareness Month
A description of the period of time of issue to be recognized: May 2011
Date, time, and location of the program: May 1- May 31 2011, in the state of (insert your home state name)
Deadline for Proclamation: We want this date to be BEFORE May 1st, 2011; a good date to use would be April 30, 2011
Purpose of Proclamation: We would like to declare May as X & Y Chromosomal Variation Awareness month to bring attention to the prevalence of X&Y Chromosomal Variations in children born each day and encourage much needed early diagnosis and intervention for newborns, children and adults with these disorders. We will use the entirety of this month to inform and educate parents, teachers and health care practitioners about X and Y Chromosomal Variations as well as how to test for, care for and treat these disorders.
An overview of the organization requesting the Proclamation: The Focus Foundation
The Focus Foundation is the first and only research-based agency exclusively dedicated to identifying and helping children who have X & Y Variations (also called X & Y Chromosomal Variations or Sex Chromosome Disorders), Dyslexia and/or Developmental Dyspraxia, conditions that lead to language-based disabilities, motor planning deficits, reading dysfunction, and attention and behavioral disorders.

Address: You may have this delivered to your house or proclamations may be mailed to us at:
The Focus Foundation
P.O. Box 190
Davidsonville, MD 21035

Some wording to help you….
Many states will ask you to include proposed verbiage to help them write the proclamation, including WHEREAS clauses, feel free to use the following below:
WHEREAS, X & Y Variations are a lifelong condition that result in an impairment on an individuals ability to learn, development in their central nervous system and body condition.
WHEREAS, Every day 20 children will be born with XXY, XXX and XYY chromosomal disorders and only 5 of those 20 will be diagnosed in their lifetime and receive appropriate treatment.
WHEREAS, X & Y Chromosomal Variations are the result of a genetic disorder that affect growth and development, but few members of the general public understand the impact of these disorders. 
WHEREAS, although there is no cure, persons with X and Y Chromosomal Variations can be treated for this disorder.  Early diagnosis and intervention are vital to the success in these individuals.
WHEREAS, support groups and organizations (if you have a local organization, enter the name here) have dedicated years of research and service in their ongoing efforts to promote support and knowledge of diagnosis and treatment of all persons with X and Y Chromosomal Variations
WHEREAS, these groups remain committed to their cause and to educating families, professionals, and the general public to better understand this lifelong disability; and,
WHEREAS, X and Y Chromosomal Variations are complex disorders that require increased research and knowledge to continue finding treatments to maximize potential; and greater recognition and understanding to ensure that individuals living with X and Y Chromosomal Variations living in (Insert state name here) and all other American with X and Y Chromosomal Variations are diagnosed and appropriately treated throughout their lives.

You can also use some of these facts in your WHEREAS clauses:
-       More than 500,000 people in the United States are believed to have a Sex Chromosome Anomaly
-       XXY occurs in 1 out of 650 live births
-       XXX occurs in 1 out of 900 live births
-       XYY occurs in 1 out of 1,000 live births
-       10 percent of children with X & Y Variations are identified prior to birth and they usually develop Dyspraxia and Dyslexia.
-       It's believed that 40 percent of all children with developmental delays will be diagnosed with a genetic disorder.
-       1 in 500 children have X & Y Variations that cause complex learning disabilities.

Here are some state websites we have found already:
North Carolina - form page
New Jersey (Be sure to select “Requesting a Proclamation” as your topic) 
Virginia - form page