Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Awareness - Focus on Spreading the Word!

Many years ago, I had the privilege to meet children with X and Y chromosomal variations. They were young, some newborns, they were teenagers just diagnosed and they were school age boys and girls who were smart, yet failing in school and frustrated. 

Their parents expressed with great conviction three facts: the kids were smart, yet school was disaster, the kids were confusing, in so many ways, and lastly they needed help...

It has been a journey filled with unbelievable surprises and delights. Through the generosity of the Bucksbaum family, The Focus Foundation was born. Based on the premise that children with X and Y Chromosomal Variations have tremendous strengths and that, indeed, they are atypical learners.

With help anything is possible and with the continued support of many benefactors, The Focus Foundation has grown worldwide. Oktoberfest, sponsored by the Stratts Family, was a tremendous success and has supported several new studies on boys with 47, XXY, 48 XXXY and 49ers. Parents have held birthday parties and in lieu of gifts - given donations. Gifts were small and large, but each one focused on the CHILDREN!

Calls come everyday from all over asking, "our child has just been diagnosed… can you help us?” Or “I have new patient with 49, XXXXY and the family needs your help!” The word is spreading and our goal is moving forward!

Some of the greatest contributors to science, education, industry and entertainment were and are atypical learners including Steve Jobs, Einstein, Edison and Bill Gates, to name a few. Let's not forget Jay Leno, Tom Cruise and Alyssa Milano and Patrick Dempsey. The list of superstars who struggle with learning is long, but they all share their commitment to success.

Our Focus is to optimize each child's development by embracing his or her learning differences, supporting the challenges and infusing every day to focus on success and it will come. 

Focus on what is hard and work harder

Focus on the Goal: independence, extraordinary self esteem and work hard.

Focus and when it gets tough - work even harder

Any and every child with X and Y chromosomal variations, dyslexia or dyspraxia will be successful.  

Focus on spreading the word. Start small - tell one new person everyday this month about The Focus Foundation and the word will spread and more children will be identified and receive treatment. Focus big and gather donations from friends, families and businesses.  

Help us, help them, today!  Focus for 31 days!

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