Friday, April 27, 2012

Ensuring the best for our kids...

This has been one of the best and worst weeks! I had the pleasure of observing a great school for children with learning differences; with invested teachers and kids learning and growing academically. It all worked. Then, I reviewed goals from several school systems throughout the country... their goals were not well developed, their objectives not measurable, and with great confidence I can say, that there will be no progress without a well developed IEP. 

The road map to a good IEP is based on an in depth assessment that looks at each and every aspect of your child's learning style, how it relates to his diagnosis, what he loves in school and what he hates. The variance in learning guides the progress and the child's ability to close the gap on his learning disorders. The IEP must be grounded into the science of learning, the neurology of the disorder and the creativity of the team! 

I was heartbroken by the incident with the little boy with Autism in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, yet sadly I was not surprised. Our school systems need to weed out the teachers who cannot express optimism towards a child with Autism, or any other neurodevelopmental disorder. The public school systems need to promote good teaching and punish teachers who are not rising to the occasion. Many years ago, my youngest child told me "lots of teachers have a mommy voice and a kid voice," she then added, as innocently as children do, "I like their mommy voice better."

All children deserve respect, kindness and support, but exceptional children need it the most because life is more challenging, learning is harder and the world is more confusing! We all need to demand no less for our children! If you live in New Jersey, push for legislation to insure that this is guaranteed.

Read more about the story here.

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