Friday, September 30, 2011

A Race to Remember!

Last Sunday marked our first ever Chesapeake 5k Run and Family Fun Walk for The Focus Foundation. Events took place in the beautiful and scenic Kinder Farm Park right here in our own backyard. Special thanks to all of our volunteers who got up extra early to help us get set up! The morning started out slightly overcast but by the time our runners were lining up to race the sun was shining!

Our 5k course wound all the way around the park while our walkers took a shorter, 1 mile loop around the park to pass by the farm and check out all the live animals. Everyone joined us back at the Black Oak Pavilion for prizes and a drawing. Congratulations to Becky Luck for beating out everybody else to come in first place!

With the help of sponsors, registrants and fundraisers we were able to raise a nice sum towards our total fundraising goal. One fundraiser in particular really worked extra hard for us. Audrey, from Louisville, Kentucky, was able to raise over $2,000.00 for The Focus Foundation with hard work and support from friends and local businesses in her area. She and her family walked in their hometown endorsing The Chesapeake Walk for The Focus foundation.
We thought Audrey’s effort was quite admirable, and it made us think that if we could get people fundraising like this all over the country it could spread the word about the mission of The Focus Foundation far and wide and find more advocates to help get every child diagnosed throughout the country. Audrey had some words of wisdom for those who are thinking about fundraising in their areas:

Being passionate about what you are fundraising and walking for is key!
• Set a goal (my original total goal was $300-$500) and work with others to obtain it as a group.
• Begin outside of the family by talking with the physician offices that are involved with your child and businesses in general within your community.
• Start early raising donations and provide information about The Focus Foundation and the benefits of their dollars at work! Every dollar counts!
• Encourage friends and family to walk, set a date, a place, and time!

"One physician sponsored $100 because she told me she has a set amount for charitable causes annually. I approached another physician and she replied "I will see her and raise her one" and I received $200. I felt so blessed but what I didn't realize is the chain reaction the giving caused...the physician who delivered my son said "I delivered that baby, I feel a part of what happens to him" and his generosity took our goal far beyond what we anticipated giving. I believe waiting on family til the end allows them to see the community reaction and encourages a more giving response."
Many thanks to Audrey and all of those out there who keep The Focus Foundation going year after year. We hope next year’s 5k and Family Fun Walk will be event better!

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