Monday, March 7, 2011

Pearls of Wisdom from 20 years of kids and care...

Autism is very complex disorder... Is it common in XXY, or XYY or XXX? We actually do not know yet. We do know that boys and girls with these disorders have speech delay as do children with ASD. Speech delays often but not always brings social communication delays. It seems that all children with ASD have some form of social communication deficit but it is not well understood. In fact, there is literature suggesting that they desire and enjoy social interactions but they do not know how to engage and often get overwhelmed during social interaction.

Children with X and Y chromosomal variations occupy a wide spectrum of the speech and language issues and sometimes BUT NOT always have social deficits. In our population of more than 600 children with these disorders, we have soup to nuts in social skills. We have boys and girls who are class leaders, extroverts and very popular in school. We also have boys and girls who have autistic traits who are shy, socially awkward and overwhelmed. All the children may have the same neurogenetic disorder yet they are very different in developmental progression. These social development differences need further investigation before we assume anything.

Children do what works for them, but since they are little and see the world in one dimension, often it is not in their best interest. So babies who cannot crawl often butt scoot, from their perspective it gets them moving. Yet developmentally it avoids crawling which is very, very important for weight bearing and upper body development.

Expose them to as much as you can early ---- it bolsters their confidence. Keep it light. Stress the positive and believe that they can do it. They will follow your lead. And remember to have fun!

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