Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Early Intervention and Why It's Needed

We have had a busy several weeks with patients and I thought that I might devote some time to talking about some common themes that reoccur.

Our babies with X and Y chromosomal variations, those under 3 years of age, are often if not consistently turned down for early intervention services. Typical statements are "he is not REALLY delayed" or "he is so much better than our other children... This is nothing to worry about." "She is so sweet and really happy... it is ok that gross motor is little behind. I am sure that it will get better."

These statements all miss the obvious fact that each and every early delay is not isolated when your child has an X and Y Chromosomal Disorders. It may also not be true of other neurogenetic disorders but that is another story entirely.

If your children with X and Y Chromosomal disorders have delays when under three years of age----it is the early signs of learning dysfunction and it is not merely a delay. It is the first sign of language based learning disorders with graphomotor dysfunction and motor planning dysfunction. In infancy, I have written about the Infantile Presentation of Developmental Dyspraxia. It is the baby trying to motor plan and move but struggling with the execution of it all. (Samango-Sprouse C, Rogol A. XXY: The hidden disability and a prototype for an infantile presentation of developmental dyspraxia (IDD). Infants and Young Children 2002;15(1):11-18.)

When IDEA was first created under the premise to FLAG at risk children and to provide services to
those who were handicapped. Prior to the late 1970's children with special needs were not guaranteed an education. The children with X and Y chromosomal Variations then should always qualify for services as infants since 100% of these children have language based learning deficits which encompass reading and writing problems based on the present research literature.

It is always better to obtain and receive services for your infants. They can be given direct services under the high risk category if nothing else but you will have to fight for them...

First order of business with your little ones... PHYSICAL THERAPY since more than 80% have decreased muscle tone and motor planning deficits. The motor system lays the infrastructure for all learning. Moving is critical to learning and is food for the Brain!

Waiting until the delays are apparent is too late and time has been lost. The presence of an additional X or Y is reason enough to demand EI services and obtain them. These services should be direct and not consultative.
Let us know your experience with obtaining services for your children.

CHANGING IT UP... adding to my blog two new facets.

Great reading: Brain Rules by John Medina, it is fun and interesting and the take home message is that the brain is a great organ and we have barely touched the surface in our understanding of it.

Great iPad apps:
Cookie Doodle- Cookie Doodle is a fun and creative application that lets kids mix, bake and decorate their own cookies without the mess! Kids tap the screen to mix ingredients, use their hands to roll the dough out on the screen and then get to pick from an endless array of icing, sprinkles and candies to place on your cookie. It is a very hands on game that brings out the chef in everyone.

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