Monday, December 6, 2010


Hello and welcome to our first official entry on The Focus Foundation blog page! I am hoping that many families will read and follow us so this can be informative as well as a place for you all to communicate with myself and each other about some of the unique challenges you may share.
This is my first blog entry ever, and to be honest I do not understand the whole blogosphere that well, and I often find myself coming into technology kicking and screaming each step of the way. But I must admit, I love the speed and ease of it all once I truly understand it...
So here we go!

Parenting is the only job that may never end. 24/7, 365 days a year until you are no longer here or the BIG D (DEMENTIA) sets in... But in reality, parents worry, love, care and think of their children always. It unites any group of individuals who are in any setting at anytime if the subject of their offspring comes up. Biologically, we as parents are hard wired to care for our children. So what happens when the child is diagnosed with a neurogenetic disorder or is an atypical learner. Our concerns and worries increase overnight and anxiety that may never have been present suddenly rears its head.
Over the years, I have learned so many helpful facts from families, the kids, my scientific research and my own ongoing education... it is NOW a time to share in a more informative manner... This is an easy give and take, no rules other than common courtesies of being polite, being kind and recognizing that we can agree to disagree and remain friends. No charge other than your valuable time.

It seems to me the more information that is fact based from reliable sources (no easy task for sure) for all parents is the way to go. So who does one believe...? Their mother??? Their pediatrician??? Articles in the press?? What about your neighbor?? Well, sometimes it's all of the above and occasionally none of the above.

The purpose of this blog and indeed the Focus Foundation is:
"to share to the best of our knowledge from the
finest sources to help your children learn more efficiently.
I hope to provide the science of development as well as the magic of kids and their astonishing minds. I will discuss the wonder of learning gathered from all the fields of science since cross fertilization makes so much sense but is so rarely exposed. This blog will be topic driven and my intent is to help all of the children reach their optimal performance in many ways. I say to my patients every day:

Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you'll land upon a star! But there is no greater tragedy than underestimating a young mind which leads to the reality of untapped potential.”

I have great hope that this will be fun for all of us and at the end of each encounter we will all be better parents and our understanding of our own kids will improve. Expect the unexpected and you will never be surprised—more soon!
-Dr. Samango-Sprouse

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